Since 1945, we have been distributors of the most exclusive and prestigious brands of fabrics and wallpapers for luxury furnishings

Luxury fabrics for furnishing

Our company selects and offers the most exclusive brands for the luxury furnishing sector in Europe and worldwide.

All our collections are synonymous with high quality and refinement, essential elements for decorating and embellishing any environment, both for private residences and for hospitality facilities and shops.

We offer linens, silks, damasks and lampas, printed and worked velvets for upholstered furniture and for curtains and drapes. Plus, for the contract sector, a dedicated collection of certified flame-retardant fabrics and an outdoor range.

Toniato Interiors offers a sophisticated collection of wallpapers with unique and exceptional textures and patterns.

They are perfect for highlighting a room or venue, but also as a decorative element for a piece of furniture or dividers.

The designs and patterns range from floral motifs to geometric designs, from wood-effect material textures to vintage ones. They often reproduce large designs, such as landscape views or evocative cityscapes.

Upholstery workshop

Toniato Interiors has an upholstery workshop in which it realizes any type of upholstery: chairs, armchairs and armchairs, sofas and living rooms, cushions and beds in fabric.

We have designed and created a selection of products made with the fabrics and materials of our best brands, but we also produce models created from a design or a project.