Furnishing fabrics Sanderson

Since 1860, Sanderson creates fabrics inspired by the beautiful English countryside.

The brand, influenced by nature, is famous for the iconic hand-printed flowers, both for the classic style and the modern and younger one.

The vast range of patterns and designs of Sanderson fabrics includes natural and floral subjects and geometric stripes and chevrons.

The fabrics range from linen and cottons to printed velvets and chenille with a strong color palette.

Prints and colors

Among the floral subjects linked to the English countryside, the famous roses and peonies represent one of the most loved design by Sanderson.
The other natural subjects include generous blooms with butterflies and bees, but also stylized peacocks and tropical birds.
Not just the English nature, but also the decorative style of Chinese inspiration, with trees and miniature landscapes, flowers and stylized leaves.