Furnishing fabrics Rubelli

The Rubelli collection contains over 6000 textile documents dating from the end of the 15th to the first half of the 20th century. Over the centuries, in addition to documents of European origin, documents from the East, Africa and the Americas have also been included. The fabrics in the archive represent the main source of creative ideas for the new collections.

The current weaving mill for the production of fabrics is that of Cucciago, in the province of Como, which was the nineteenth-century Zanchi weaving mill. Here are three original eighteenth-century hand looms, perfectly functional, which still allow the production of handmade soprarizzi and precious silk velvets today.

Rubelli Fabrics

Rubelli damasks, brocades, lampas and velvets represent the excellence of furnishing fabrics.
The main source of the Rubelli collection is represented by the vast historical archive of fabrics, which houses over seven thousand textile documents and three thousand drawings and sketches.
Looking to the future and to sustainability, the historic company has also developed a collection of fabrics with technical yarns of natural and certified origin.

Antinous Emerald Dark green
Antinous Mustard Gold
Antinous Sky Blue Light blue
Antinous Red Red
Antinous Silver Silver


Cannele Sabbia Beige
Cannele Pietra Black
Cannele Blue Blue
Cannele Rosso Bordeaux
Cannele Tortora Brown
Cannele Pavone Dark green
Cannele Oro Pallido Gold
Cannele Grigio Grey
Cannele Acquamarina Light blue
Cannele Verde Light green
Cannele Arancio Orange
Cannele Pesco Pink
Cannele Ciclamino Purple
Cannele Corallo Red
Cannele Polvere Silver
Cannele Calce White
Cannele Giallo Yellow


Chain Stripe Sky Blue Light blue
Chain Stripe Burnt Orange Orange
Chain Stripe Lavander Purple
Chain Stripe Cream Yellow

Chain Stripe

Contessa Corallo Bordeaux
Contessa Gold Madreperla Gold
Contessa Acqua Light blue
Contessa Verde Light green
Contessa Rubino Red


Light blue


Damasco Deocupage Sabbia Beige
Damasco Deocupage Blue Blue
Damasco Deocupage Grigio Grey
Damasco Deocupage Tiffy Light blue
Damasco Deocupage Rosso Red

Damasco Decoupage

Damasco Flirt Sabbia Beige
Damasco Flirt Grigio Grey
Damasco Flirt Acqua Light blue
Damasco Flirt Rosa Tea Pink
Damasco Flirt Bianco White

Damasco Flirt

Damasco Gypsum Beige Beige
Damasco Gypsum Bluette Blue
Damasco Gypsum Acqua Light blue
Damasco Gypsum Verde Light green
Damasco Gypsum Rame Orange
Damasco Gypsum Ciclamino Pink

Damasco Gypsum

Damasco Mirage Sabbia Beige
Damasco Mirage Bluette Blue
Damasco Mirage Smeraldo Dark green
Damasco Mirage Arancio Orange
Damasco Mirage Ciclamino Pink
Damasco Mirage Giallo Yellow

Damasco Mirage

Damasco Patina Bronzo Beige
Damasco Patina Oro Gold
Damasco Patina Acquamarina Light blue
Damasco Patina Assenzio Light green
Damasco Patina Rame Orange
Damasco Patina Glicine Purple

Damasco Patina