Furnishing fabrics Luigi Bevilacqua

Luigi Bevilacqua, renowned weaving factory with very ancient origins, was born in the late nineteen century.

The main activity is the production of velvets, lampas, damask and satin.

Still nowadays, the fabrics are made with handmade looms from the Silk School of the Serenissima and with very special weaving techniques.

The designs and patterns of the fabrics come from the historical archive, with motifs from Byzantine to art deco.

The soprarizzo velvet

The soprarizzo velvet is the most precious velvet of the weaving factory.
It comes from a very complex processing of two different types of pile, one curly at the base and one cut, smoother and higher.
This process enhances the design with its three-dimensionality and, above all, allows the light to reflect on the two types of velvet in a different way, making the cut pile darker and the curl one lighter, thus creating extraordinary effects of light, shade and depth. Each soprarizzo velvet is a unique piece, an exclusive creation of the highest craftsmanship.