Furnishing fabrics Aldeco

Aldeco Interior Fabrics is a Portuguese Textile brand which produces high-end interior fabrics since 1991.

The company creates and offers a variety of fabrics for the different decoration and interior architecture market segments, which includes curtain fabrics, upholstery and cushion fabrics.

Aldeco creates irreverent concepts through original fabrics that obey very demanding standards regarding design and quality, such as the technical characteristics of upholstery and curtain fabrics

Materials, sustainability, research and development

The company uses the best materials and the most advanced production techniques to ensure that its products are durable, comfortable and beautiful to see. Aldeco has always paid attention to the environmental sustainability. In addition to producing high quality fabrics, Aldeco is also committed to innovation and research. The company collaborates with world-renowned designers and architects to create new and cutting-edge fabrics.