Loro Piana fabrics

The Loro Piana family began his activity as wool merchants at the beginning of the nineteen century. The company was founded in 1924 and built his reputation as supplier of high-quality wool and cashmere fabrics during the post-war years.

The company manages all the production stages, from the collection of the natural fibers to the final product.

The finest merino wool, cottons, linens and silks are processed with exclusive techniques, in order to ensure the best performance.

All these raw materials are used to create textile and luxury products renowned all over the world and made with extreme care in Italy by the best artisans.

The Loro Piana cashmere

Among the most known and processed fibers by the company, cashmere is perhaps the most important and appreciated.
The cashmere fabrics are realized with the precious materials acquired in the countries of origin and processed in Italy with a strict control for every single production phase.

It comes from the fur of the Capra hircus, which lives on the highlands of Asia; the appearance is very fine and extremely soft to the touch. The baby-cashmere fabric, even finer and softer, is obtain from the puppies of this specimen.