Tessuti per arredamento Alessandro Bini

Alessandro Bini fabrics

Alessandro Bini is an Italian company that has been producing fabrics since 1974.
According to the philosophy adopted by the company, to create a high quality upholstery fabric it’s necessary to learn specific skills in the sector. Mastering textile fibers is of primary importance, but innovation is necessary to keep up with the times.
Alessandro Bini collaborates with well-known brands in the sector with high quality classic and contemporary fine fabrics.

Alessandro Bini’s Made in Italy fabrics


Alessandro Bini promotes and develops Made in Italy with Italian-style collections, characterized by positive contaminations between art, craftsmanship and innovation.
The ‘Alessandro Bini’ collection of furnishing fabrics is made up of natural and flame retardant yarns made in Trevira CS and FR. There is also particular attention to environmental issues.
Alessandro Bini does great attention to fashion trends, the quality of yarns, weaving techniques and finishings.