Luigi Bevilacqua Fabrics

The Luigi Bevilacqua weaving mill was founded in 1875, recovering looms and machinery formerly used by the Serenissima Silk School. The company continues a historic art of Venice, which fell into decline in the 18th century and was reborn in the 19th century, combining historical techniques and designs with a touch of modernity.

The motifs created by hand on velvet and other fabrics come from the historical archive, ranging from Byzantine art to art deco.

Soprarizzo velvet is the most complex of the worked velvets, because it consists of the cut velvet, at the top, which defines the design, and the crushed velvet, at the bottom, which constitutes the velvet base fabric. The two levels are also distinguished by the colour: the cut velvet is darker, the crushed velvet is lighter. Furthermore, every millimetre of the first level is cut by hand by the weavers.